Simplicity© is a Medical asset management SaaS that automates most of the logistical functions performed by maintenance and management staff. it automates many tasks and offers many advantages over manual maintenance tracking systems.

  • Work order generation, prioritisation, and tracking by equipment, deadline or by the person in charge
  • Historical tracking of all work orders generated which become findable by equipment, date, the person responding, etc
  • Tracking of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities.
    Real-time & accurate reports of ongoing work activity
  • Calendar- or run-time-based preventive maintenance work order generation
  • Capital and labour cost tracking by asset as well as median, and longest times to close a work order by component
  • Document the life cycle of all the assets in a JCI compatible method, while offering a fast responsive and feature-rich user frontend
  • The system will enable a paperless operation of the biomedical department, and it supports the printing out of documents

    Simplicity is Beauty

  • Minimising the human error by reducing the data entry as much as possible, using auto-complete features, and limiting the entry to the system predefined drop down lists
  • Everything that is needed for a task is available on the same screen
  • Multilingual Interface ( Arabic ready interface )

  • Has Three interface languages right now, ENGLISH, GERMAN and ARABIC.
  • Each user can pick the preferred interface of the Application from the settings of his profile.
  • The Layout would change from Left-to-Right into Right-to-Left according to the interface language picked.
  • Other interface languages will be added in our vision.


    Technical Support Ticketing System

  • Has a dedicated module for suggestion & improvement documentation
  • In case any technical issue occurs, users can send a ticket to the support team of AREUMEDICAL within the system, and the support team will address the issue according to their urgency.


    Mobile Devises App

  • The mobile devices apps ( Android and IOS ) would view the asset`s details after scanning the QR code, opens a service ticket by scanning the QR code, or the inventory function can be done using the mobile phone.

Medical, MEP & Support Services Asset Management

  • Stores all the Medical, MEP & Support services Assets technical, financial and location details with the ability to view, search and apply multiple filters to make finding the information much easier.
  • Automatic & Unique Tagging using ECRI`s UMDNS Method of Medical devices Description through searchable lists, all that is required is to pick the Category, Group & Type of the Asset from a Drop down list.
  • Autocomplete technical data (ECRI`s UMDNS Codes, PM recommendations, Risk Levels, etc.)
  • QR code generated stickers
  • Printable medical device identification cards for hardware filing
  • Scan & Sync paperless Inventory using smartphones’ cameras
  • Interactive data filtering & multiple viewing perspectives for assets


  • Each user has a customised Dashboard according to the permissions and privilege set the level of the employee to monitor his and/or other team members (for example, No of opened WO, NO of Skipped PM Etc.)
  • Automatically plans the activity of the biomedical department or the contracted service company for the current year according to the manufacturers` recommendation.
  • Fully Automated PM plan generation with a supervised flexibility to reschedule
  • Bulk PM Assignment based on filters (device type, location, dates, etc.)
  • Shifts the environment`s workflow to finish the PM proactively, quickly& efficiently by limiting the time window of opening the PM to a certain number of days, after this time window, the PM status changes to “Skipped” and would show in the statistics.
  • Create service tickets by scanning the QR code of the asset using a smartphone.
  • Automatic monitoring & notification on un-finished WO
  • User-tailored dashboards to notify remind& measure the productivity of each user.


    Analysis & Dashboards

  • Informative technical & financial reports for the top management & decision makers to aid in taking the right actions at the right time
  • Provides the hospital with the necessary tools and statistics to monitor, evaluate and to take the informed decisions.
  • Feature-rich and user-friendly web interface for managing reports
  • Multiple location management reports to better compare the performance
  • Can integrate with other systems to show accurate statistics



  • Provide the hospital with an accurately calculated book values for the Medical, MEP & Support services Assets in the hospital.
  • Define the depreciation rate for group of assets or one by one
  • Instant automated financial reports ( Depreciation, Book Value, Replenishment report)
  • System notifications on Medical, MEP & Support services Assets` maintenance costs proceeding a certain percentage of PO value
  • Full history on Medical, MEP & Support services Asset`s location & custody history
  • Defines the inventories plan and durations to unlock the inventory features in the connected smartphones
  • Background calculation of biomedical department in-house repair savings


    Supply Chain

  • Improve vendor management.
  • Reduce supply-chain costs and labour, while empowering procurement staff to be more strategic.
  • Integrated purchase order confirmation management
  • Enables hospital-wide inventory visibility, replenishment, lot and serial number tracking.

    Contract Management

  • Increase Contract Renewal Rates Through Visibility
  • Schedule Contractual And Customer Service Visits
  • Easily Identify Contracts Nearing Or Exceeding Expiration
  • Associated Assets To Contracts
  • Utilise Contract Document Depository
  • A direct link between work orders and Contacts of the external Service providers in case of an SLA or Warranty Agreement for the specific Tag number of the Asset.
  • Automatic calculations of penalties based on the contract terms.
  • Notifications delivered to the service manager when any WO exceeds the max response time for any service provider.